Eyes have been contrasted slightly and wrinkles and bags eased. The colour of the lips has been improved and given a glossy finish.
Flesh has been corrected for colour and blotches, patches and moles removed. This gives a smother look to the flesh. The degree to which this is carried out is very client dependant. Care has to be taken not to look too false.
Lace has been enhanced, taking care not to increase moire and garment colour corrected without effecting flesh below.
Lingerie catalogues are generally a good example to use due to the amount of flesh work required. This image was supplied as a camera raw file and processed to the correct CMYK colour space.
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Previous work has been mainly specialised high end fashion retouching for a number of high profile clients.
These clients demanded the most critical colour corrects and required full colour workflow management.
This may have been implemented right from processing raw images direct into the required colour space
or ensuring the correct conversions and subsequent control as required.

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Fashion retouching usually requires a large number of recolours.
This can be anything from a slight colour variation due to the sample garment used on the shoot not quite being correct to a complete recolour due to the correct colour way not being available at the time.

Move your mouse over the retouched image below for a description of the work involved.

large image after


From packaging retouching and combining elements ...

drynite retouch

Packaging Showcard

... to restoring old or damaged photographs ...

bison beforezoe before

(Obviously some photographs may be beyond economically viable repair)

... to simply replacing backgrounds on shots ...

buffalo beforekids before

... to creating the finished look on images that were taken long before they should have been!

house beforehouse beforehouse before

Or something completely different. Contact me about creating original artwork, even imagery from scratch.

white horse retouchOriginal Artwork

racing car artwork

Original artwork drawn in photoshop for use in a logo design.


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